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Three types of NFL jerseys

American Football is the most popular sports in the US. football fans wear Cheap NFL Jerseys in order to boost the confidence and cheer their favorite team players when they need it the most. Authentic NFL jerseys are manufactured by Reebok. Reebok makes their jerseys in three tiers of quality: Authentic, Premier Replica and Replica. Reebok Replica NFL jerseys are the cheapest of the bunch. The major difference lies in terms of fabric, details and logo.

Replica Jersey
Replica Jersey meaning that mimic the player jerseys, but the fabric type, number and clothing with the Player version are different. Offset printing shirt fabric is very thin, numbers, team logo, the circle on the sleeves Reebok logo are offset. the offset plate wearing jerseys of clothing form suitable for usual instead of clothing form like the Player version to fit protective gear. Offset printing Edition shirt front swing after swing than shorter. This shirt is relatively cheap, adult version of the jerseys mainstream price is about $70. NFL Replica Jersey offset fan Jersey, Jersey number, player name, team name, marks are offset printing!

Premier Replica
Premier Replica jersey same with offset printing shirts, However, different from offset printing, Premier Replica jersey fabrics are thicker in the offset printing issue; all numbers and names of the players are the single layer of embroidery. But marks, on the sleeve of BLOBs,, Reebok logo are also offset.

Wholesale Authentic Jersey is top shirt, all fabric, material number is with practical field players. Fabric with a thick, but very comfortable and all numbers is a multiple-embroidery; chest marks of direct embroidery on clothes; marks and Reebok logo on the sleeve is sewn on clothes with embroidered cloth; on the sleeve of BLOBs are offset. Here "multi-layer embroidery" refers to the number of each color is represented by a superposition of cloth sewn together, this number is very durable, and a strong sense of, but there are a lot of team number only one color. Actual players themselves wore jerseys (Pro-cut Jersey/Pro-worn Jersey) are specifically tailored for the player, clothes are based on actual need.

Finally, I want to say to Authentic or fake to do a comparison
1. There are three types of Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys available in our market today, the replica, the premier and the authentic. Replicas may look like the original at first glance, but the authenticity lies on the details. Premier type is slightly better than replica in terms of quality. The authentic type is exactly the same as those used by the players on the league.

2. In terms of fabric, replica jersey use a thinner for its clothing material, thus it is usually lighter. Premier type is just slightly heavier than replica as it uses slightly fabric than the replica. Authentic on the other hand has the thickest fabric for its jersey, therefore it is the most durable and comfortable fabric among the three.

3. In the details, graphic and lettering is one of the best ways to spot fake from original. Replica types have words and numbers screen-printed on the jersey, premier type has screen-printed and sewn-on graphics and letters with one layer of tackle twill. The Authentic has simply sewn-on thick tackle twill.

4. In the logo, all of the three types may have Reebok sign sewn-on the surface of the clothing, either at the collar or neckline and the Reebok vector on the sleeves of replica and premier are sewn-on, the authentic on the other hand has it embroidered.